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In a packed “Knezeva Dvorana” Hall, the performers played with a passion befitting the privilege of doing what musicians love: not simply playing music, but rather spreading the joy of music – and of life itself. In the sonatas presented, the rhythmic pulsation of basso continuo was energetically evoked by the piano of Ana Simonutti. The violinists Tripo and Irena Simonutti emphasized the dynamic Baroque contrast as well as the warm cantability of their instruments entwined lines. The beauty of synergetic compatibility, technical and emotional harmony, sound balance and a refined dynamic palette ornamented a warmly shaded and slightly lamentuous Birjukovs Romance. The passionate blooming lines, together with rapid Perpetuum mobile tempi, brought the concert to its peak.

Banja Luka
With the concert hall filled to the last seat, enthusiastic applause punctuated the evening. The Simonutti Trio consists of outstanding artists who know how to please even the most exquisite of tastes in classical music.


RTS- Dnevnik
The City Assembly Gala Hall is always filled to its last seat for classical music concerts organized by JUGOKONCERT in conjunction with the Belgrade Summer Festival. This years Festival was no exception, especially for the Simonutti Trio performance, a performance which brought with it quite a reputation. By the end of the evening it was apparent that this reputation is well-deserved: for those in attendance at The BELEF Festival, the encounter with the Simonutti Trio will remain an event to remember. It was truly a magnificent performance, and one befitting the ensembles many years of experience.
Tripo Simonutti, well-known to our public since he was simply a “boy with a violin,” has not only built a successful solo career but also conferred his love of music upon his two daughters, Ana and Irena. Together they combine marvelously the inherited talent, innate charm and years of laborious study to give a performance which both captivates audiences and, no doubt, makes their father very proud. Modest, congenial, and above all discreet, the members of the Simonutti Trio are always ready and eager to transfer the joy of making music to their listeners.

The Irresistible Charm
The Progress Gallery has become somewhat of a “cult” performance space in Belgrade of late. Though it is a unique venue, unfortunately it is somewhat limited in floor space, a fact which was never more evident that when it played host to a recent performance by the Simonutti Trio. For the concert, one had to stumble through the audience, which occupied the staircase as well, hoping to find an adequate vantage point from which to enjoy the performance. This was due to the popularity of the Simonuttis who have been performing together and acquiring numerous admirers since 1988. With their performance, however, The Simonutti Trio concert proved once again the power of good music, as the limitations of the venue melted away the instant the music commenced.

Artists who manage to maintain a high professional level of performance while simultaneously popularizing their art, thereby bringing it to a broader audience, are rare. The Simonutti Trio, however, fits this description perfectly: over their twenty-year existence as a trio, Tripo, Ana and Irena Simonutti have made classical music available and understandable to audiences all around the globe. During the concert a range of the Trios qualities were fully expressed: temperance, naturalness, stage presence, musical coherence and, above all, the respect for music they perform and for the listener. It seems almost impossible to consider single values of each of the Trios members: they are truly an exquisite collaborative effort.

RTS – Dnevnik
When an audience begins taking their seats long before the beginning of a concert, when all the available seats are rapidly filled and the admirers coming later sit on the stairs or remain standing, one does not have to be a connoisseur to realize that the artists in question are remarkable. Such an atmosphere could be witnessed at the Simonutti Trio concert in Belgrade. Since the audience more than doubled the number the organizers had expected, there were not enough programmes for all of them, and as a result Tripo Simonutti had to take the role of announcer – much to the audiences delight. Each piece, performed impeccably both technically and artistically, was preceded by a short explanatory comment, which added wonderfully the the evening. The performances conclusion was met with a roaring applause, and the artists reciprocated this warm response by performing several encores.

The Simonutti Trio give concerts of such rare quality that they are truly a trio to remember. Their recent Belgrade concert was an extraordinary music event. Together Tripo, Ana and Irena Simonutti produced beautiful tones, harmonious and cherished nurtured sounds, and were never harsh nor acerbic. The well-rounded phrases abounded, together with a strong sense of togetherness. Once again they proved to be three professionals, and a group in which youth and experience are a perfect complement.

Novi Sad
At their performance in the Synagogue the Simonutti Trio captivated their audience with a unique warmth and sensitivity for making music. The nobleness of character and lyrical refinement have their equivalent in the artists interpretation of classical music in the contemporary era. Having transferred the most valuable qualities of musical artistry to his daughters, violinist Irena and pianist Ana, our eminent violinist Tripo Simonutti has built and cherished with devotion an ensemble which plays with one soul and one breath. Emphasizing cantability, instrumental euphony and innovative purity, the Simonutti Trio has colored its program with unique musicality. The dramatic nature inherent in baroque sonatas is conveyed by contrasting tranquility and festive cantability, serene energy and youthful zest. The expression of classicality is complemented with subtle and measured tonal balance. The popular pieces of romanticist literature are given noble, non-aggressive virtuosity and elegance. The compositions are more like dedications, addressed with respect and a particular expression, to the authors. All these traits seem to amalgamate the Trio in one single entity – a unique sonorous beauty.

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