“The concerts of the Trio Simonutti always fill each hall up to the last seat, be it Belgrade Kolarac Concert Hall or huge concert halls in China and Mongolia. One could wonder what this particular Simonutti phenomenon is all about. The answer is really simple: They are PHENOMENAL.” (Borba)

The Trio Simonutti, was one of the most prominent Serbian chamber music ensembles between 1988 and 2009. It consisted of violinist Tripo Simonutti and his daughters, Ana, the pianist and Irena the violinist. This chamber music ensemble has realized more than two thousand concerts hosted by all the music centres in Serbia as well as in China, Mongolia, Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina…

For more than two decades of its existence, the Trio has had hundreds of appearances in all the significant TV stations both domestic and foreign (Chinese, Mongolian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Bosnian etc.).

The Trio participated at important music festivals such as BELEF, Golden Autumn  – Ulan Bator (Mongolia), NOMUS – Novi Sad, Mokranjac Days – Negotin, Marble and Sounds – Aranđelovac, Festival of classical music – Vrnjačka Banja, Budva “Theatre City”, Summer festival – Ulcinj etc.

They recorded an LP, three CDs for PGP-RTS, the best known record company in ex-Yugoslavia, as well as a number of tapes and video tapes and CDs for Radio Belgrade.

The Trio Simonutti was awarded the First Audience Award and the First prize of the Association of Mongolian composers at the international festival The Golden Autumn in 1998.

The Trio has received numerous recognitions and prizes by Red Cross for their humanitarian work. They have become special ambassadors of classical music thanks to the great number of their humanitarian concerts as well as concerts dedicated to the spreading of classical music among the young audience.

Trio Simonutti were well known performers of contemporary music as well. A number of composers, in fact, have dedicated some of their remarkable pieces to the members of this unique ensemble (Dejan Despić, Konstantin Babić, Nikola Hercigonja, Dušan Radić, Zlatan Vauda, Borivoje Popović, Rastislav Kambasković, Vojislav Kostić, Miroljub Aranđelović Rasinski…)

The critiques (excerpts)

“…The hall was filled up to the last seat and it seemed as though the ovation would never end. The applauses continued one after another. Trio Simonutti is made of superior artists who know how to please even the most refined taste when it comes to classical music…“

Banja Luka Glas

“…For the audience of BELEF Festival the encounter with the Trio Simonutti will remain a memorable experience, one of those brilliant moments that constantly fill the long-standing existence of this ensemble. The members of the Trio Simonutti are always ready and eager to transfer their joy of music onto the audience….“

Belgrade RTS Dnevnik

“…The qualities like temperance, naturalness in scenic posture, coherence of dissimilar luxuriances, respect for the music they are performing and respect for the listeners – all came live during the concert. It is almost impossible to talk about individual qualities of each member of the Trio Simonutti as the fact is – they are one…“


“…When an audience begins taking their seats long before the beginning of a concert, when all the available seats are rapidly filled and the admirers sit on the stairs or remain standing, one does not have to be a connoisseur to realize that the artists in question are remarkable. Such an atmosphere could be witnessed at the Simonutti Trio concert in Belgrade…”

RTS Dnevnik

“…It is an extraordinary music event. It is a trio to remember. On this occasion too they presented themselves as three professionals among whom the youth and the experience complement each other in the best of ways…“


“…During the concert at the Synagogue they captivate the audience with a unique warmth and sensibility of music playing – the Trio Simonutti, whose nobility of character and lyrical refinement have equivalents in their interpretation. Having transferred the most valuable qualities of a person and artist onto his daughters, Irena the violinist, and Ana the pianist, our renowned violinist Tripo Simonutti has created and cherished an ensemble of unique soul and breath, persistently, diligently and with dedication. By accentuating melodiousness, instrumental euphony, and intonative purity the Trio Simonutti colours all the programme with their special musicality…“

Dnevnik Novi Sad

“…They play with an easiness and joy, with beauty of each performed tone, with enthusiasm and suggestiveness, with charm. They are synchronous up to the point of perfection. They breathe the same way, they think the same way, they develop phrase the same way, they feel the form and dynamic amplitudes the same way…“